Embrace your innate sensitivity


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Understanding how to manage being an Essentive and sustaining your own light is as essential to someone who is highly sensitive is as air is for breathing. To help Essentives, I offer individual or group Mentoring sessions to understand the high sensitivity trait and offer coping strategies for maintaining their inner Light.  

The  various 'Wake up Calls' of the Soul happen in order for us to awaken spiritually and to heal our lives. We need Spirit to heal as well as psychological, emotional or physical therapies. Spirit is the Light that guides us through the darker times. It is the compass that directs us from feeling LOST – an acronym which to me means ‘Losing Our Spirit Temporarily’ and guides you to your CORE ‘Carries Our Real Essence’. By using the wisdom of our soul to heal our personal wounding, we can go into the pain and realise that we are not our stories. Reframing our past by knowing that our specialties can be birthed out of our pain lets us use our life stories rather than them using us.



Below are a few examples of some of the most common traits of being Essentive:


•You experience emotions or feelings to a much stronger or deeper extent than other people seem to.

•You are highly intuitive and pick up on subtleties with people or environments and sense if something is wrong.

•You ignore your bodies messages of ‘over-arousal’ or ‘over-stimulation’ and end up feeling either frazzled, exhausted and burnt out, or the opposite where you feel restless, anxious or unable to sleep.

•You are acutely sensitive to loud noises, crowds or negativity and often feel like you have to escape or withdraw from the outside world/people.

•You feel completely different to other people and have an inner feeling of not belonging.

•Have often had comments from those around you that ‘you are TOO sensitive for your own good’ or ‘you need to toughen up or not be so sensitive’.


To book a Mentoring, Guidance or a Soul Healing Session, please email: contact@melaniecollins.co.uk  (Mentoring sessions are also available via Skype)


Everything is Energy; we are all vibrational beings resonating with different frequencies. By offering a combination of Therapeutic and Healing modalities together with Clairvoyant and Intuitive awareness, I am able to offer unique personalised Soul Healing sessions. These modalities incorporate Spiritual Counselling, Pre-birth planning, Past life regression and Ancestral Healing. I also do energy work to activate the self-healing process and enable deep healing and transformation to take place.




Experience the channelled energies of the Angels and Archangels in a deeply relaxing, healing session. (With or without a guided Angelic Meditatiton, from the CDs in 'Shop' section)



Repeated patterns, themes, phobias, 'stuckness' or mysterious symptoms in this lifetime may be caused by unfinished business or unhealed issues in previous lifetimes. Your Soul holds the memories of your past life existance. Regression  Healing is deep therapeutic work and a pre-regression session is required to assess suitability for this level of work.  



Using my natural clairsentient and clairvoyant abilities in combination with channelling and oracle/tarot cards, I offer Intuitive Guidance Readings to shed some light on and get to the ‘heart’ of your current situation. Each session is for approx. one hour and we will explore  at a soul/spiritual level what life lessons you may be working through in this lifetime and how to help you move forward with any challenges you may be experiencing.

(Readings are for entertainment purposes only. All information and/or advice given to you should not take the place of any medical, legal or financial advice given to you by any qualified professional. )




Without exception every reading from Mel has taken me forward, always empathetic and with a degree of accuracy that always leaves me astonished.  Mel seems to deliver the perfect message in a down to earth manner that always inspires me to take action- Ian Tucker, author of Your Simple Path.


Just had another awesome past life session from Mel Collins. So so love her gifts and her way of working! Mel truly is one of the hidden gems in Devon and I also had the most in depth Tarot Card reading that I have ever had last week. Looking forward to my next session :) Thank you Mel you are a star!  - Bill Tucker German New Medicine, EFT& Matrix Imprinting Practitioner


I've had two sessions with Mel in the past six months and each time her gift for readings and her healing energy is so powerful.  She is gentle and kind, empathetic, wise and insightful.  You will feel like you're home. - Claire Mulholland, Devon, England. June 2016.