Embrace your innate sensitivity


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Are you fed up with your work?

Is your heart not in it at the moment?

Does your work environment have no 'soul'?

Are your Managers and colleagues burning out or losing their 'light' ?

Do you work in Public Services? Are the stresses of austerity measures and budget cuts affecting your ability to cope?

If you have answered YES to any two of the above questions, then you or your Company would benefit from my Professional Consultancy Service, to identify the heart of the problem and provide holistic based 'soul'utions.



I also offer a range of Training packages for Businesses and Organisations that include:  


This two day training package is aimed at Managers and Leaders who are seeking a more heart-centred and authentic way of working. It helps to identify the 'false masks' that are worn and the egoic conditioning that keeps people stuck in old patterns and old ways of working.  Discover how your 'vibe' affects your tribe and what spiritual and energetic tools can be used for professional transformation and business success.


HR & LINE MANAGEMENT TRAINING about Highly Sensitive People

1 in 5 people statistically are born with heightened sensitivity- these statistics equate to 1,400,000,000 HSPs in our current global population. Yet general awareness about the high sensitivity trait is still relatively low, especially in the UK. Most Line Managers and HR Personnel are unaware of the trait. HSPs are born with a biological difference in their sensory nervous systems, so too much noise, a lack of space, artificial lighting and EMF frequencies can affect them negatively. These are just a few examples of workplace triggers. If managed correctly HSPs can be the biggest assets to a business. HSPs tend to be drawn to the caring professions generally, but there are many HSPs climbing the corporate ladder. Too many of them are having to hide behind thick outer shells or behind false masks to cover up or numb out from their sensitivity.



This training explores both the emotional and spiritual causes of stress.

It provides self- management strategies and holistic techniques to reduce stress levels and restore inner balance.





'BEING SENSITIVE IN A NON-SENSITIVE WORLD' is a talk based on my experience an ex Prison Governor and ‘Essentive’ (Highly Sensitive Person). During a ten year period in the Prison, I began to receive messages from the spiritual realms about Soul awareness. I was guided to train in Past Life Regression, Counselling, Auricular Acupuncture, Healing and Spirit Rescue work whilst managing the Substance Misuse Services for prisoners. I  share how this  '10 year stretch behind bars' lead to a deep, profound journey of spiritual and psychic reawakening to rediscover my Authentic Self and  live my Soul purpose. This talk  forms the foundation of a book that I am currently writing about my prison experience called 'Bringing Light into the Darkness.'




I run a variety of Spiritual and Personal Development Workshops/Courses.

Forthcoming events are listed on my Facebook page @MelCollins or sent out by newsletter. To register, please go to my contact page. Thank you.




Mel, I had one of the best days of my life and I can never thank you enough. Wonderful, wonderful xxx' - DF, Wales


'Thank you Mel, it was an amazing day! You truely do have an amazing gift' - EC, Manchester.


'This course has enabled me to gain self awareness, I have learnt things about myself that I did not think was possible' - CM, Torquay


'The group of people were lovely and there was the right number of people there, so it was easier to share things and relate to other's stories. Mel, your guidance is amazing and I felt completely safe and knew that the group was somehow protected and could say what they felt without judgement and we were really listened to' . Katie, Devon.


The Course has opened me up to the most beautiful, comforting and gentle energy I've ever experienced before. It has helped me through a difficult period and has given me the courage and positivity to move forward! Thank you xxx ' - Sarah, Dartmouth.